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Ethan Nedeau

Ethan Nedeau, M.S. (Michigan State University)
Owner, Principal Aquatic Biologist
Specialties: aquatic invertebrates, aquatic and wetland ecosystems, GIS, communications, illustration, photography, SCUBA / (413) 253-6561

Ethan in Dry Suit



Profile: Ethan Nedeau

Ethan Nedeau is the owner and principal aquatic biologist of Biodrawversity LLC, which he founded in 1998 after completing a Master’s degree in Entomology and Stream Ecology at Michigan State University. Ethan specializes in freshwater mussels: he has swum in nearly 600 waterbodies in the Northeast in search of them and has published books on freshwater mussels of Maine, Connecticut, the Connecticut River watershed, and western North America. Ethan is the project manager for most freshwater projects and trains all employees to be proficient assisting with mussel studies.

Biodrawversity has completed more than 200 projects that have focused on aquatic invertebrates in the past few years. Contracts span a broad range of objectives, from basic research on endangered species populations for state and federal natural resource agencies; inventories for a range of clients; consultation (planning surveys, relocation, and monitoring) for projects related to transportation infrastructure, dam removal and river restoration; compliance monitoring for hydropower companies; and pollution assessment. The caliber of writing and design in Ethan’s reports reflects his expertise in graphic arts and science communication and has earned him accolades from both natural resource managers and the regulated community. Ethan is also competent at collecting, identifying, and analyzing a variety of aquatic insects and non-insect invertebrates.

Ethan is an avid trail runner, snowshoe racer, gardener, and proud dad.